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Understanding past trauma and accepting our story…

Research shows that when people connect with others who have like-experiences, they learn from each other, share and open up about their experiences, and grow from the interactions. Teresa Gross worked for 20 years in the Appleton Area School District. She began to notice an increase in students and colleagues who were absent, suffering from chronic physical ailments, apathy, and behavior changes. To better understand these difficult situations, Teresa acquired her Masters in Counseling. She worked at the Harbor House and the Outagamie County Jail in order to gain her 3000 hours to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. While at the jail, calls came out to her from the cells:  “Mrs. Gross!” Her students were now becoming her incarcerated clients. Unfortunately, the one common experience all these individuals had was trauma.

Learning how the trauma and drama in our lives affect our brains, behaviors, and every aspect of our lives, will help us understand how we can make the necessary changes toward a more peaceful, fulfilling future.

Teresa has certifications in Trauma Informed Care, Addiction, and Sex Offender Therapy.

“We truly want to create A Village of Support.”

Teresa Gross MA, LPC, SAC-IT  Mental Health and Substance Abuse Therapist

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