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Thinking Outside the Box  –Programs and Future Housing

It’s so easy to lock someone up, but it doesn’t solve the problem.

Unfortunately, the young adults who are incarcerated are there due to neglect and abuse they experienced in their childhood, which leads to negative thoughts and behaviors. They are not happy where their lives are going, but are unable to find their place in society or their positive identities. They don’t realize their talents, or enjoy the simple pleasure of pride in an accomplishment. And until we work with them, discover the underlying reasons for their negative thoughts and behaviors, and create alternative options for help, it will perpetuate itself into future generations. The expense will continue to be a burden on our society. Let’s start thinking outside the box.

Education NOT Incarceration is a non-profit organization designed by teachers, counselors, jail officials, and other members of the community. Together they want to offer young, bright adults an alternative to their negative environments. They will be given mentorship and guidance, while working, attending college courses, and learning positive life skills. When they are ready to move forward, outside of the housing community, they will be required to mentor the next individual coming into the program—paying it forward. They are not disconnected from the community. “Connection” is an important part of positive, mental and physical health.

Housing:  It’s going to be important to find mentors who are willing to “teach” these young adults about cooking, cleaning, organizing time, gardening, managing money, different hobbies, etc. Everyone has a talent and everyone can gain from helping someone else move forward. Please think about what YOU have to offer. There are no huge time expectations, just a willingness to help.

We are in need of mentors, house-hold items and supplies, and financial assistance to keep the houses
operable. Thank you for your time. We look forward to your involvement.

Programming volunteers are needed if you have expertise in any of the following areas:

  • Housing                                        
  • Child Care
  • Healthy Habits and Wellness
  • Budget and Finance
  • Relationships and Communication
  • Resume Writing and Interviewing
  • Trauma Care 
  • Social Skills

ROLLSS:  Reintegration:  Owning Life Learning Skills Services


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Resident-Membership Criteria

  • Ages 21-35  This age only applies to housing, not programming.  18+ for Programming.
  • 4 Individual Pre-approval Meetings Required
  • $375 per month (Paid by working Resident)
  • Resident must be employed (Part-Time/Full- Time)
  • Resident must be a student (At least one class)
  • Resident must not use alcohol or drugs (unprescribed)
  • No smoking on the premises
  • Resident must be willing to attend all self-improvement courses provided through the program
  • Resident must be willing to attend any AODA outside groups if necessary
  • Resident must be willing to mentor the next resident in his/her place
  • Resident must be willing to respect all items in the home and keep it clean
  • Resident must be willing to be open minded, respectful, and become part of the “family” atmosphere
  • Resident must carry/ or apply for Medical Insurance